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York Democratic Town Committee (YDTC)

By-Laws of the YDTC

I. NAME: The name shall be the York Democratic Town Committee.

II. OBJECT: The object and purpose of the York Committee shall be to promote the principles of the Democratic Party in the Town of York, the State of Maine, and the Nation through voter education and election of duly nominated candidates.

III. MEMBERSHIP: All members of the committee, including officers, must be enrolled members of the Democratic Party in the community from which the committee is elected. The qualification and party enrollment shall be as specified in the State of Maine Election Laws. There shall be no limit on the number of members on the committee. Members shall be selected at the biennial municipal caucus and any enrolled Democrat attending the biennial municipal caucus shall be, upon request, a member of the municipal committee. New members may be added to the committee by a majority of the committee itself at any meeting convened with proper notice as defined under Sec. X of these bylaws. Any enrolled Democrat registered to vote in this municipality of York shall be eligible for membership on the committee. All members shall retain full membership status unless surrendered by resignation, so long as s/he is a resident and enrolled Democrat in York.

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There were new Maine Electoral Districts effective with the 2014 elections, establishing the apportionment of the Maine Senate, Maine House of Representatives and County Commissioner Districts. These Districts continue for 2016 and beyond.

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